The American Brabant Association

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The American Brabant Standard


The Brabant is a working horse and thus above all else should be built and have a mind and temperament for work

The horses exact  height and weight should be a secondary consideration

An easy keeper with a quite, willing disposition, making it an ideal breed for the small farmer interested in sustainable agriculture and sustainable forestry practices

Height: 15-17 hands

Weight:  Appropriate to height 1800-2200 lbs

Color: Unlike the American Belgian the Brabant comes in 7 colors; Bay, Black (Rare), Bay Roan, Blue Roan, Strawberry Roan, Sorrel and occasionally Gray

Body Type:  The modern Brabant has a deep close coupled body, optimally rectangular in shape, a massive neck, and a neat head, plenty of bone in the legs

Hooves: Hooves should be adequate to carry the size of the horse

Feathering:  Varies widely but should have some to heavy feathering, feathering should not be in the extreme such as shires and gypsy horses

Registration: American Belgian Corporation but many horses are unregistered.  The American Brabant Association acknowledges horses that are purebred and percentage. 

Colors of Brabants


Bra-bant (br-bant, -bant, brabnt, -bant)A region and former duchy of the Netherlands. It became an independent duchy in 1190 and is now divided between the southern Netherlands and north-central Belgium... Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source

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