The American Brabant Association

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Hanneke- Owner: Harold Williams

Lauro van de Boterhoeve- Harold Williams

Chris uit den Blommendale

Import Information

Brabant Import Information Sheet updated 11/2016


How it Works

Kelli Miller knows a man in Belgium that will scout horses and make purchases

The purchaser puts together what they want and the scout will find horses and communicate with you 

When you find what you want he will purchase the horse and take it to his farm until all of the horses are bought that will be shipped back to the USA

The Scout will do all the associated blood work and testing to get the horses ready to ship

The horses are shipped from Belgium and arrive at JFK airport and are transported to Quarantine in the US.  

The horses must be shipped before they get big enough that shipping is prohibitive Normal shipping is 5 per crate 4 if they are large which drives up the cost of shipping. 

After Quarantine you must arrange for transport to your farm. 



Generally $ 10000 USD depending on the exchange rate and if the cost of the horse is above average

At least $200 for the Scout to look for you finalize with Kelli Miller

Purchase Price for weanling

Board and Feed

Testing for Shipping European  $1000

Flight $2200

Quarantine USA $2500

Transport to Goshen $300-400 

Transportation to you facility


Possible extra Costs


Quarantine on the US side gives 1 day to retest any inconclusive test, then $200-300 per day board

Redo testing costs unknown

Why older horses are not recommended

If you ship an older horse the cost increases tremendously

Stallions must stay in quarantine for 30 days about $5000

Mares also cost extra

Horses beyond weanling increase in cost because they are only the best (not necessarily what you are looking for but what they want) In Belgium horses that don’t make the cut are sent to slaughter so a 2 year old meaty draft horse will be rare. 

For timeline considerations March (Spring) you need to be ready to pick,  The horse needs to shipped before August because they will be too big. 


Contact Kelli Miller 574-202-5328