The American Brabant Association

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Association History

The American Brabant Association was formed in 1999 in an effort to provide fellowship and networking for people interested in preserving and promoting the wonderful attributes of our horses.    
Between 1999 and 2012 members met and conducted the business of the Association at Horse Progress Days in Indiana. 

Our Founding members were Tommy and Cindy Flowers, Karen Gruner and Colleen Michaels.

In the early 1970's Albert Stankowitz restarted importing Brabants from Europe eventually recruiting Anne Harper who imported during the 1980's and 90's in turn in 2001 Colleen Michaels put together an importation. 

In 2012  the Association started a major growth spurt now boasting membership from across the US, Canada and Europe, to accommodate the growing membership roles, and allow fellowship as well as ownership of our association, by all members, Membership meetings are now conducted by telephone conference with Annual Field Days for fellowship.  Websites and Facebook pages were launched to augment the newsletters.

The 2014 Membership Rolls are as follows:
70 members

Brabant Horses owned by members:
Breeding Stock:

Purebred Total: 35
Stallions: 15
Mares: 20

Percentage Total:
Mares: 89
Total all members Brabants including geldings:  139

2011 Brabant stats were: 15 pure stallions, 33 pure Mares, 11 Grade Stallions and 53 Grade Mares.

Large Annual Get- togethers are: 

Horse Progress Days- Indiana
Brabant Field Days- Member Hosted



President:  Susan Zenker (MI)

Vice President:   Jason Julian  (WI)

Registrar: Kim Ott

Editor/Trace Chains:  Ken Gill (IA)                       

Website:    Sue Jorgensen (WA)


Facebook:  Susan Zenker (MI)                         



Association Meeting Schedule
3rd Saturday of Each Month 9 PM EST
Details provided upon paying annual dues