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Stacy Pearsall
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Reserve your dose(s) of frozen semen out of the 2014 National Belgium Champion stud Matteo van't Rietenhof. Each dose (six straws) will cost an estimated $1,500, plus shipping and handling from my equine fertility clinic in Aiken, SC, to your location. The price is estimated due to the fluctuation of export fees and import fees, application and permit fees, international and domestic veterinarian fees, cryogenic canister rental and return fees, shipping fees, courier fees and semen storage fees. These fees will fluctuate upon execution. Therefore, the $1,500 fee is based on these fees RIGHT NOW. There is no live-foal guarantee and all mare care and service fees are your responsibility. The Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America says the registration requires a negative JEB test for the stud, which I will obtain, and your Belgian/Brabant mare must have a negative JEB as well as genetics test. The American Brabant Association is working on establishing an independent registration for Brabants in the US. For those within the US, you may also consider having your mare serviced by Southern Equine Service, where the semen will be stored. For those in Canada, Central and South America, you will need to coordinate with your Agricultural Departments for import permits and you'll also be responsible for additional fees incurred during this additional import/export process. I must have my order in by August 31st.


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